Die ganze Welt der Minerale – The whole world of minerals

"Die ganze Welt der Minerale" - stationery, flyer, paper bag "Die ganze Welt der Minerale" - flyer, stationery, paper bag "Mitmachen, staunen, begreifen" - kids brochure "Mitmachen, staunen, begreifen" - kids brochure, inside "Erforsche die ganze Welt der Minerale" - kids brochure and anniversary invitation "Die ganze Welt der Minerale" - worksheets "Die ganze Welt der Minerale" - "Freiberger Kolloquium", program of events

terra mineralia 2013– …

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of terra mineralia we revised the corporate design of the mineralogical exhibition in Freudenstein Castle that we had developed 5 years ago.

Design and implementation of brochures, flyers, tickets, advertisements, media for special exhibitions, posters, work sheets, stationery etc.

terra mineralia
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terra mineralia

Corporate design

Fliegende Juwelen
Die ganze Welt der Minerale
Eine mineralogische Reise um die Welt